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Whipped is a breakfast/brunch/lunch cafe that serves you magnificent coffee to start your day, any way you wish to drink it. Our produce is fresh, hearty and heavenly. The coffee is to die for, strong but not bitter, earthy and made by very competent baristas and presented to you with great coffee art.

We have a meal – or a freshly squeezed juice – or a great coffee/tea – for everyone, young and old and in-between.

We have introduced “kids” serve meals – including a “kids serve” orange juice and milkshakes.

Our café is quite large and has seating for 100 guests in three different eating areas as shown in photos below. The outdoor eating area is well protected and is also dog friendly.


Open every day 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. for breakfast, brunch or lunch.
Kitchen closes @ 2.30 p.m. each day but you can still get coffees (all hot drinks), toasted rolls/frittata/quiches, cakes and our "own" uniquely decorated cup-cakes.
We are open ALL PUBLIC HOLIDAYS except for Christmas Day – so yes, Boxing Day, New Year's Day you can come in and get one of our great coffees


Shop 1 – 35 Semaphore Road,
Semaphore, S.A. 5019
Phone (08) 8242 3000

- only Monday to Friday

Trading Hours

MON to SUN - 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Our Coffee Perfection Every Time

Ground fresh to your cup every time.

Our coffee beans are ground fresh to your cup every time using the latest in barista technology to ensure maximum freshness and flavour.
Then your beverage is prepared to the highest possible standards and always served with our trademark warm, friendly and responsive service.
Every item on our drinks menu is made from the freshest, top quality ingredients.

Because we are so passionate about the quality of the experience we deliver to our customers, a vital ingredient to providing that excellence is guaranteeing all our coffee is roasted fresh every week.
The Whipped coffee blend is currently composed of the 3 single origin specialty beans:

  • Brazil Passeio
  • Ethiopia Aricha Yirgacheffe
  • Kenya Ndaroini

The Brazilian Passeio forms the base for the blend, providing good body, caramel sweetness, some roast hazelnuts and milk chocolate flavours. The Ethiopian Aricha provides brightness (characteristic of a Yirgacheffe) and hints of citrus and peach. The Kenyan Ndaroini is awesome on its own, but in this blend adds aroma with black current flavours.

The blend works well as espresso and as a long black, however the addition of the Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees ensure good flavour that still cuts through the milk when drinking as a milk based coffee.

Only milk from Tweedvale Dairies at Lobethal deliver a milk good enough to go with our coffee.

Our baristas can make any coffee you wish to order and we have a wide range of alternate milks – soy, lactose free, almond and coconut.


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Our Food

Begin your day with an exceptional coffee and breakfast from 7am. We offer a range of breakfast dishes including the very popular Whipped (all-day breakfast) and Wellbeing (vegetarian version of an all-day breakfast), Breakfast Roll – bacon & egg roll on a toasted brioche bun with a delicious house-made tomato relish. Then, of course, there is house-made toasted muesli, crunchy granola and chia seed puddings in Summer, spicy-baked porridge in Winter, Eggs Benedict with either salmon or bacon, etc. etc. etc. We are always tweaking/changing our menu to offer you new exciting meals, such as our kale and ricotta fritters and our green eggs & ham. Our cooks bake wonderful banana bread and fruit and nut loaf, both toasted and served with butter. 

Then you have a range of burgers and a steak sandwich to choose from, which are varied from menu to menu and our smashed avocado, plated as only our wonderful cooks at Whipped can do, is as good to eat as it looks!

The servery offers a wide range of house-made quiches, tarts, frittatas, salad – various rolls with various fillings – all toasted – at no extra charge. We use Barossa Fine Foods leg ham off the bone for our meals/croissants/rolls as well as their chorizo sausage for our Whipped Breakfast. The meals/rolls from our servery are available from 7.00 a.m. until 4.45 p.m. (even after kitchen has closed at 2.30 p.m).

There is a very wide range of cakes and a cake to please everyone. There is a good range of Gluten Free/ Paleo/Vegan cakes/slices/protein balls made by local suppliers and they are yummy – you really don't have to be Vegan to enjoy.

Freshly squeezed juices are on offer all day, and always served with ice. Iced coffees (with our wonderful Whipped blend espresso coffee and coffee flavoured gelato), iced chocolate and iced mochas. Milkshakes, thick-shakes and smoothies – you can always find a drink that you will enjoy.

Whipped  Menu  

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Our Story

Whipped Bake Bar was established over 8 years ago – originally as a lunch/dinner restaurant, also selling alcohol. Whipped was changed to a boutique coffee/breakfast/brunch/lunch café (no longer selling alcohol) a few years later.

We are "a stone's throw" from the best beach in Adelaide which is good to enjoy both Winter and Summer with Semaphore Road housing many heritage buildings helping to create a great atmosphere for all of Adelaide to enjoy.

We now pride ourselves in offering hearty, wholesome, delicious meals, together with a unique blend of coffee, expertly made by qualified baristas.

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